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Sewage Backup Cleanup Truckee

Sewage Backup Damage PreventionSewage backup cleanup is a job that calls for professional disaster restoration, water removal, decontamination, and hazmat suites. Sewage backup is known as category 3 black water in the water damage restoration industry because the contents of the sewage contamination is highly toxic. Our sewage backup cleanup Truckee crew makes sure to contain the area of the black water flood so that the issues do not spread.

We hire IICRC certified water damage restoration professionals so that when we get the call for sewage backup cleanup Truckee services we are well equipped and prepared to provide all the water restoration and odor removal needed.

Call 911 Restoration of Truckee for a 45 minute response time and we will repair your home or business as soon as possible.

How We Cleanup Sewage Backup

Water Damage Sewage Backup In Old BathroomSewage backup requires more than fans and drying equipment to cleanup. The cleanup process for sewage backup involves hazmat suits, all the necessary, industrial-grade equipment for water damage restoration, and many chemical to clean the affected area. Because fecal matter and urine are prominent in sewage backup situations, it is vital to stay away from the contamination.

If skin contact occurs with the black water, a rash can quickly follow. If black water is ingested, stomach illness is expected. It is advised to visit a doctor if either of these scenarios happen to you.

It is best to leave the sewage back up cleanup to the experts at 911 Restoration of Truckee. We can work with your insurance company and answer any questions you have while returning your home or business to its once perfect state.

Water Damage and Sewage Categories

Sewage Backup Professional Unloading EquipmentWater damage, and especially sewage backup emergencies, are identified by categories. A category 1 water damage job involves clean water, for example, from a sink’s incoming water line. Category 2 water may have some contaminates, such as a bath water spill or sprinkler break. Category 3 water damage is highly contaminated with bacteria.

All three categories require the aid of a professional. Our sewage backup cleanup Truckee staff will make sure that mold does not occur after water damage restoration services for any category. We decontaminate the area after flood cleanup so that even if the damage is from a toilet overflow, your home will smell fresh and clean.

Call 911 Restoration for any category of water damage so that we can provide the cleanup job you need.

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