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Fire Damage Restoration Truckee

Fire Damage Restoration in Truckee KitchenFire damage restoration is the process of fixing a residential or commercial building after it has been damaged by flames or smoke. It is essential that the restoration service for fire damage or smoke stains is carried out by a professional. Fire restoration is often covered by homeowner’s insurance or other property insurance.

911 Restoration of Truckee offers licensed and qualified technicians to handle any fire related damage. Our fire damage restoration Truckee experts are IICRC certified in fire restoration, smoke removal, and all other manner of disaster restoration services so that we can aide you with all property restoration services.

Call 911 Restoration of Truckee for all your fire related questions and our Fire Information Center will be happy to answer all your questions.


After a fire, there are many questions about what’s next, what insurance covers, and who do you call for help. Our fire damage restoration Truckee company has put together the FIC, or Fire Information Center to answer all these questions for you. Below is a sample of how we can help you. Please call us for all your fire damage questions and fire repair services.

Who do I call for help after a fire?

What You Need To Know About Insurance Claims Filing an insurance claim that companies will accept requires that homeowners take some simple steps before the accident. Documentation is key to proving peril, and that you are entitled to coverage you pay a monthly premium for. Therefore, take photos and pictures of your home before an accident to provide specific proof that the damage item(s) are covered by the policy. Not only that, every small detail is required in order to keep insurance companies from rejecting claims. Furthermore, make an inventory list of valuables and create a track record of maintenance work done to the house by saving receipts. Everything down to the serial number of appliances in the home should be uploaded online, so in the event of an accident your records are safe. 911 Restoration Works Hard For the Customer Part of providing people peace of mind is making sure that all the gritty work is handled by us. We go beyond restoration, and we will talk to the insurance companies for you. It is what needs to be done in order to provide you an affordable fresh start. Our knowledgeable staff is versed in the nuances of insurance policies, so we know exactly how to talk them in order to maximize that for which you are entitled. The way we achieve this is by adding supplementary documents to those you may provide. We know how to assess the true extent of damage and its causes. We back it up with photos and videos. Every dimension to any material that we restore and replace is extensively documented. Providing you stability and comfort is what we do best, so call 911 Restoration today.If your home or business catches fire, first call 911. This is an emergency that can quickly spread to your neighbors. It is vital to have emergency personnel on the scene right away.

Next, call 911 Restoration of Truckee. We can arrive within 45 minutes to start fire and smoke cleanup. We will keep you informed on all aspects of your home or business restoration. Our fire damage restoration Truckee professionals will be happy to answer any questions and provide a unique experience for all our customers because we know that a disaster such as a fire, or even smoke damage, can heavily affect your life. We are happy to provide you with the help you need.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance does cover fire damage restoration. While policies can vary from company to company, it is very likely that your homeowner’s insurance policy is designed to cover everything during the fire damage recovery process.

Our fire restoration team will work with your insurance company to cover the cost of fire damage restoration. In addition, many homeowner’s insurance policies will pay for a hotel stay or rental home during the home repair. We work with you to make sure our customers’ needs are met.


911 Restoration Fire Response VanWhether it’s a house fire or commercial fire, the aftermath can be scary and confusing. Our fire damage restoration staff is well versed in the best away to handle fire damage and will be happy to guide you through the situation. When you call us for help, we listen to your needs and approach the project as if we were working in our own home or business.

With our knowledge and expertise in the fire damage restoration industry, the best call you can make after the fire department leaves your home is to 911 Restoration of Truckee for fast, professional, and compassionate restoration services

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