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The Mold-Free Guarantee:

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Mold Removal Truckee

Mold Removal Repair and RestorationMold removal includes both removing the actual mold fungus as well as decontaminating the area to ensure every customer is satisfied with our mold free guarantee. Our mold removal Truckee crew offers a free visual home inspection. If you suspect that the black spots on your wall are mold or if you recently had a flood in your property, call 911 Restoration of Truckee.

Mold can cause many problems in people and properties. We use special breathing masks to handle mold remediation to keep our employees from breathing in the toxic substance. Mold is toxic and needs to be removed from a home or business before health issues occur.

A business infested with mold can be held liable for mold related illnesses in customers and employees. Be sure to call our mold removal Truckee professionals for thorough mold decontamination.

Our Free Visual Mold Inspection and Our Mold Free Guarantee

Mold removal technician

911 Restoration of Truckee hires technicians with all the necessary training, certifications, and customer-first attitudes that set us apart from our competitors. We show up and listen to your concerns. Once we understand your situation, our mold removal Truckee experts enter the property with the necessary breathing masks and implement our free visual mold inspection.

If you see black or pink spots on your wall, we will inspect it for free to make sure your home or business is not contaminated. If you recently endured a flood or other water damage, it is possible your property may have mold. Other signs of a mold infestation are a musty smell, humidity, and chronic breathing issues.

If mold is found in your property, we work hard to remove all the spores. A third party will perform an inspection for mold once our work is done. If they find an unhealthy amount of mold left over, we will continue work on the property for free until all mold remediation is complete and up to the highest standards.

With our mold free guarantee and free visual mold inspection, 911 Restoration is the obvious choice for mold removal services in Truckee.

Effects of Mold in a Home

Water Damage Mold Growth On WallMold often grows in damp, dark, poorly ventilated areas. In this environment, without remediation and decontamination, mold can spread rapidly. The way mold spores travel is through the air. It is common to breathe in mold spores, but for elderly, very young, and people with weakened immune or respiratory symptoms, this can lead to problems with breathing. People with asthma are especially susceptible to mold

In addition, mold eats organic material. Therefore, if a mold colony has taken residence in your home, it will eat through the paint and wood supports, lowering the value and eventually making your property unstable.

Call 911 Restoration and our mold removal Truckee experts will be happy to assist you with a mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold decontamination so that you can get back to your healthy life.

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