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Keeping up with the Kitchen: Adding the Right Appliances

Published by Resource on June 11, 2021 in category: Blog, Home Improvement with tags:

Buying a new kitchen appliance might seem like a no-brainer to some. However, serious thought needs to go into choosing the right one. Keep in mind that you need to live with the appliance, whether it be a refrigerator, stove, microwave, washer or dryer, and it needs to do its job. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a subpar appliance and not getting your money’s worth. 


Before purchasing a kitchen appliance, do your homework so you know you’re getting top-quality at the best price. Utilize the Internet to comparison shop and find the best price. Additionally, don’t forget to read online reviews about the appliance you’re considering. Five stars is rare in any commodity, but stay away from appliances whose average ratings are low.

Appliances are not all Created Equal

They might all look the same, but appliance brands are different. Quality, functionality and price can vary greatly. For example, microwaves differ by brand in size, wattage and longevity. Rely on brands whose names are synonymous with quality and affordability. 

However, don’t be afraid to pay for top-of-the-line appliances. Sometimes a higher price means you’re getting the best. You can even find all of the appliances you need in one store or at one online merchant, if they are known to be the best. 

Get a Warranty

Just because an appliance is new doesn’t always mean it is guaranteed to work great. Unfortunately, some appliances will be flawed and have mechanical problems. For this reason, guarantee your purchase with a warranty. If an appliance fails rather quickly, the merchant should replace it, not you. 

Conversely, don’t go with the cheapest model just to save money. Some appliances are inexpensive because they are not built to last, and the manufacturer relies on you having to replace it year after year. 

Shop Around

Major appliance stores are the logical choice for buying a new kitchen appliance. However, don’t discount the major retailers, such as Sears, as many of them also carry appliances, and often at better prices and with better warranties. The customer service might be inferior to an appliance store, but that’s where educating yourself on appliances beforehand pays off.

You might also be tempted to buy a used appliance in order to save money, and sometimes that’s a good decision. But it is usually better to purchase new appliances, because they will last longer, if quality-made, and come with a warranty. Many used appliances will not come with a warranty, so buyer beware. 

In conclusion, buying a new kitchen appliance is not something to take lightly. You need to do your research, whether online or visiting appliance stores and asking the right questions. The goal is to get the best-made appliance at the most reasonable price. You want to live with your kitchen appliances for a long time, and know they are pulling their weight. Although you can find quality used appliances, generally, newer is better. And always get that warranty. 

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